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Mice In The Roof In Essex

Mice In The Roof In Essex


Right, so you have heard the scratching or you have seen the rapid little fellow running across the floor ! Yes, you have seen the common house mouse or a field mouse invading your home. Recently we were called to deal with a mouse job in Brentwood, Essex. Nothing new there but the customer was complaing of hearing the mice running across the conservatory roof towards the first low level roof. ( this was a bungalow with annex).

The customer was pretty upset, they have called out two other companies in the past four months and they had still heard mice & in fact, they were now at the rear of the property. So MR Customer called Pest Control Essex in to survey the situation and try to resolve this situation. As you can imagine Mr Customer was not happy because (A) at still having mice and (B) not very confident when it came to pest control companies after the money he had all ready spent…about £600 with other pest controllers.

Anyway, we quoted for 6 visits to resolve this issue and got straight to work, we placed tracking dust ‘ultra violet’ along the roof area. I had already noted climbing plants that mice could use but I thought ‘best I let the tracking dust do the work for me.'( see this video for how we use UV tracking dust) Not the same job but a good example of the way we use it.

We also placed some bait in the property and let nature take its course, two days later we returned, the tracking dust had done it’s job and we traced the problem to the next door neighbours climbing plant. We also found the location of where the mice had been gaining access to the property (see photo). We asked the neighbour to move the climber to another area as it was only in a pot.













We took the tiles off to find dropping, lots of them, plus in the photo you can see bait that a previous company left behind. (see my blog on CRRU)

We baited and the customer wanted the job proofed to stop further access by mice. We did all the work and left the job as a water test for for 8 days with no further mice activity in the house or outside.

Not only was the customer very happy with our service, he only had to pay half the bill, as we completed all the work in half the quoted visits. We removed all bait & moved onto the next job.

Another happy ending from Pest Control Essex