Pest Control Essex

Essex Mole Control Catchers

Essex Mole Control Catchers

We are now very busy with mole control in Essex and catching these lawn killers.

Well, that might be a little strong but we do turn up at new customers to find their beautiful lawns trashed by a mole or two. We deal with the mole catching in a number of ways to resolve your mole issues.

Trapping and gassing moles.

Both of these types of pest control in Essex are excellent ways to catch moles, in fact, we find that at every job, moles are caught and the lawn is soon back to it’s normal healthy state.

Yet many people ask me why do we have moles in the lawn??? Simple to answer……..FOOD….lots or earthworms to eat with nice fresh soil that can be pushed up to make mole hills leaving small tunnels in your lawn.

The earthworm then drops into these tunnels and MR Mole comes along and eats them

You may have a large area of mole problems and some of this might not have an active mole using this area. We use a trained cocker spaniel to hunt and sniff them out. When located we gas the moles.

So meet Dora, part of the Pest Control Essex Team.

The star of the team and everybody’s best friend, for a doggy treat or too, Dora is trained in the art of mole catching. In lots of cases there are hundreds of mole hills on a site, yet this can sometimes be a lame duck. Not with Dora she has a 100 percent record as she has won the fight with every job she has been to in brentwood, chelmsford , Ingatestone and all the areas of essex

She is not only my Pal on the road but a great pest control doggy that covers the whole of the Essex county and beyond !